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Are There Alternatives to Timeshare Travel with Discount Alternatives?

If you love to travel but don't want to pay the large sum of money to buy a timeshare, there are alternatives available to you.  Here I will mention two important ones. 

ALTERNATIVE #1 - Discount Travel Club Membership

The first alternative I recommend is a lifetime, will-able, no maintenance fee membership that I personally belong to.  GAAB Travel Club.  Here is the link.  

When you click on the link, you will be taken to a website that has a video that will introduce you to this great discount alternative to timeshare travel.  The video will explain fully what the program is, how it compares to buying a timeshare, how to use it and what it costs.  Then, grab a family member, a cup of coffee or tea, click on the join link and you will not be committing.  You will be getting to watch a much more detailed video and a series of videos available to you below that, to find out what you really want to know.  You will also get the different price points.  If you watch all the way through to the end of the second video, there is a really nice surprise for you.  I didn't even get this when I joined in 2005, but I sure wish I had! 

HERE IS JUST ONE SAMPLE OF A RESORT IN MEXICO THAT YOU CAN BOOK IF YOU JOIN NOW!  (If that week is still available).  One week, two people, Studio Suite.  No airfare. You can see the link to trip advisor below and the cost, as well as more information on the resort so you can compare one week at $545.00 to two days at just about the same price or more without the membership.

Don't forget to go here to find out more about your timeshare travel discounts at GAAB. 

CLICK HERE.  to get more information on how you can travel to the Hacienda del Mar Resort in Cabo San Lucas Mexico or other similar properties.









Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas) - UPDATED 2017 ... › ... › Cabo San Lucas › Cabo San Lucas Hotels
Rating: 4.5 - ‎1,598 reviews - ‎Price range: $217 - $454 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)
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In future posts, I will go into detail about some of the beautiful and interesting places you can travel with your GAAB membership, but for now, the video says much of what you will need to hear.  I guarantee that if you like to travel or want to and have the time to travel a lot, it will cost you so much less than buying a timeshare or even getting a discount vacation week in many places.

If you already have a timeshare but need more weeks, without having points or maintenance fees, then you will still want to look into this.  Don't buy more points.  Watch the videos first so you can see why you shouldn't.

ALTERNATIVE #2.  Buying Discount Timeshare Weeks on Ebay

The second alternative is one that I have also personally used, especially if I have a resort that I want to go to that is not included in the GAAB membership.  Although there are thousands of vacation spots to choose from through GAAB, my family and I have one favorite one that is not presently included in their inventory (although from time to time one of their locations are included).  We like to travel to one of the many Palace Resort locations in Mexico.  Our favorite location is Cancun.

Cancun Mexico.  View from Beach Palace Resort November 2016  VIP Membership Chairs & Tables Getting Ready for Eating Dinner on the Beach   Cost, for 2, with non-stop coach airfare for one week VIP membership:  $3500. 

I will warn you though.  Even though you can travel for less the way I am going to recommend, the cost for this one week, even discounted on Ebay, will exceed the cost of the lowest lifetime membership you can get by using the GAAB membership.  Still, if you book your vacation directly with the resort or with a travel agency, or even worse, get talked into buying a membership to Palace resorts, you will pay dearly for your vacation.  My membership to visit Palace Resorts cost me $50,000, and yes, I am still paying on it and yes, I still have to pay $2400 per week, plus airfare, every time I travel, even with the membership. 

I'm sure you are questioning my sanity, and perhaps you should.  Call it what you may, it's a done deal and I did it at my weakest moments when staring at the beautiful ocean waters, all relaxed and thinking my life would never change and that money would not be an issue.  Wrong and wrong again.  It's ok though.  We are all entitled to mistakes. . . some more costly then others.

Back to the second alternative to timeshare travel. . .

The second alternative is to search for a specific travel week on Ebay.  You can find numerous properties for rent in just about every part of the world.  Although I own a Palace Resorts membership, similar to a timeshare but extraordinarily more expensive, I booked my last vacation to Cancun Mexico through a fellow member who was offering their Diamond week for $300 less than what I could pay for my own VIP membership week.  Had their week not been available, I always had my own weeks to fall back on, but $300 is $300 more I can spend on other necessities like airfare!  It's almost the cost of one round trip plane ticket.


To find a discount week on Ebay you simply go to the Ebay search bar and type in, for example, Palace Resorts Cancun Mexico VIP Week.  If there are weeks available, they will show up in the search results.  Then, before you book on Ebay, since you already know the price, you call the resort directly or look online at their website.  Then, look at the prices available on Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, etc. and see what the price is for the same time you want to travel and the same type of accommodation.  Then compare those prices to what is available on Ebay.  What you won't be able to compare with the other travel sites is the cost for traveling under a VIP membership. Those other sites do not offer the VIP membership treatment.

The VIP membership allows you to get top of the line accommodations, all inclusive food and beverages for two during the week, a free manicure, a free pedicure, discounts in the resort stores, discounts on the resort golfing, 24 hour room service, usually an ocean view or ocean front view, one bedroom or a large suite, brand name alcohol, special seating on the beach, the ability to upgrade or change rooms if needed, and first class treatment all the way.  The average cost for one of these weeks on Ebay, WITHOUT airfare, is around $2400.  If you have already watched the video above and went to the buy / purchase section, you are probably saying "wow" about now.

There are other alternatives to timeshare travel I will discuss in future posts, ones that I have used personally and ones that I recommend.  I hope you find some of the suggestions helpful in your search for the perfect timeshare travel discount!

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