Thursday, February 24, 2011

Timeshare Travel - Can You Really Stay in a Timeshare Without Buying One?

For those of you who loathe hotels on vacations and want to stay in a resort atmosphere, yet you don't want to commit yourselves to joining a timeshare property, there is hope.  Having owned several timeshares during my life, I can attest to the fact that they are very expensive in the long run as well as very limiting.  

Timeshare travel - can you really stay in a timeshare without buying one?  Absolutely.  Is it expensive?  Not if you are a member of a timeshare travel discount club.  Want to find more information with just about all of the questions you may have being covered?  Then go to the video link and watch the entire video.  If you don't watch the whole thing, you will be doing yourself a total disservice.  After all, you are here because you wanted to find ways to get discounts to timeshare properties and now you can do that without having to own a timeshare.  

Just go to this link:   to watch the video that will save you thousands of dollars and show you why buying a timeshare is just not the right thing to do. 

AND When you are finished watching, go to to learn how to sign up for this fantastic membership.