Monday, July 6, 2009

The Coconut Palms Resort - Secrets to Travel There for Under $300 a Week!

Are you looking to spend a relaxing week for a huge discount at The Coconut Palms Resort in the Dominican Republic? If so, you may want to check out this fantastic "hot week" that is only available through a membership with GRN (Global Resorts Network - look below for the link).
You can't go wrong with a price just under $300 for the whole week for 2-4 people in a deluxe suite. In comparing prices elsewhere, you won't find a price like this one offered outside of the membership. In addition, if you like what you see, why not book two or three weeks at the same prices? You can find the link below for more information on how to get the discounts you deserve when you want to travel to timeshare resorts without having to join a timeshare.

The Coconut Palms Resort is located on the North Coast of the island in the Dominican Republic in the beautiful Caribbean and is just over six miles from the Puerto Plata International Airport. (You also get discounts on your air fare through GRN). Nearby is one of the best known windsurfing centers in the world located in the near by Village of Cabarete.

The Coconut Palms Resort sits up on the hilltop where you have scenic views of the ocean and can see mile after mile of serene, undeveloped beach front property and beautiful native vegetation. This is a smaller modern style Spanish designed resort with 50 units. Each unit has a balcony and either overlooks the pool area, the beautiful natural vegetation, or the ocean. The resort is more quiet and serene, almost taking you back in time.
The rooms come equipped with a microwave, coffee machine, toaster and enough dishes to accommodate the number of people you have in your room. Children are most welcome. There is a 90 foot relaxing swimming pool and many other activities. A shuttle bus takes you down to the private beach and into the village when you are ready to go shopping so there really is no need for a rental car. There is a restaurant called the Palm Room on site. The resort is rated #11 out of 27 hotels in Cabrete. For more information on the resort itself, check out the faq page For information on how to travel to the Coconut Palms Resort for under $300, visit: