Monday, July 6, 2009

The Coconut Palms Resort - Secrets to Travel There for Under $300 a Week!

Are you looking to spend a relaxing week for a huge discount at The Coconut Palms Resort in the Dominican Republic? If so, you may want to check out this fantastic "hot week" that is only available through a membership with GRN (Global Resorts Network - look below for the link).
You can't go wrong with a price just under $300 for the whole week for 2-4 people in a deluxe suite. In comparing prices elsewhere, you won't find a price like this one offered outside of the membership. In addition, if you like what you see, why not book two or three weeks at the same prices? You can find the link below for more information on how to get the discounts you deserve when you want to travel to timeshare resorts without having to join a timeshare.

The Coconut Palms Resort is located on the North Coast of the island in the Dominican Republic in the beautiful Caribbean and is just over six miles from the Puerto Plata International Airport. (You also get discounts on your air fare through GRN). Nearby is one of the best known windsurfing centers in the world located in the near by Village of Cabarete.

The Coconut Palms Resort sits up on the hilltop where you have scenic views of the ocean and can see mile after mile of serene, undeveloped beach front property and beautiful native vegetation. This is a smaller modern style Spanish designed resort with 50 units. Each unit has a balcony and either overlooks the pool area, the beautiful natural vegetation, or the ocean. The resort is more quiet and serene, almost taking you back in time.
The rooms come equipped with a microwave, coffee machine, toaster and enough dishes to accommodate the number of people you have in your room. Children are most welcome. There is a 90 foot relaxing swimming pool and many other activities. A shuttle bus takes you down to the private beach and into the village when you are ready to go shopping so there really is no need for a rental car. There is a restaurant called the Palm Room on site. The resort is rated #11 out of 27 hotels in Cabrete. For more information on the resort itself, check out the faq page For information on how to travel to the Coconut Palms Resort for under $300, visit:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Secrets to Saving Money on Hotel Stays

Want to know one of the [secrets to saving money on hotel stays]? Three words. Global Resorts Network. It's really true.

Here's a real life story, June 2009. A potential customer was thinking of joining Global Resorts Network. She liked the overall concept and wanted to make sure there were enough 4 and 5 star resorts in the places she liked to travel most. We found several 5 star ones to her liking, but then she asked about saving money on hotel stays. Global Resorts Network was ready with an answer. She picked two cities. Chicago IL and Las Vegas NV because she was familiar with the 5 star hotels in those areas. She gave me specific names of specific hotels and asked me to find out how much a weekend in Chicago would cost over July 4th. She was shocked when I came back with the answer. Some of the room costs normally ranged up to $1,000 per night or more. Her price? Under $300 for one and $110 for the other, per night.

The same thing happened for the properties she mentioned in Las Vegas. The prices just blew her away. She learned the secrets to saving money on hotel stays and she is now a proud member of GRN (Global Resorts Network). Just a few trips to her 5 star hotels and 4 & 5 star resorts will allow her to break even on her membership costs. I'll let you know how her trip went in a later blog.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Into Savings With a Global Resorts Network Membership

It's almost spring time here in the USA (almost). Many people's thoughts are on the bad economy and what to do about it. People still want and need vacations and they want and need to save money. With a Global Resorts Network travel club membership (GRN), you and your family can take advantage of what are called "hot weeks" and travel for as little as $298 for the week! It's true. Yes, you do have to pay a membership fee to join, but unlike a timeshare, it's a one time membership fee that lasts 100 years. Most of us won't live 100 years, but we can pass this on to our children, another family member, or we can sell it.

Savings with a Global Resorts Network membership (GRN) can happen by taking 3 vacations at one of the 5,000 four and five star resorts, worldwide. You will earn your membership money back so quickly with the money you are going to save. This really isn't a joke and it isn't a scam. I love to look through the listings weekly to see what great bargains are coming up. I always head toward an ocean.

If you plan on taking a few vacations over your lifetime and don't have the money to buy a timeshare, or don't want a timeshare, then take a look at what a Global Resorts Network Membership can do for you. Please call me after visiting:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't Buy A Timeshare! Join a Classy Vacation Membership Program Instead.

Travel season is upon us again and unfortunately, many people will be talked into buying a timeshare. I'm not trying to be judgmental, after all, I purchased two timeshares myself. I just don't want you to learn the hard way like I did.
Hi. My name is Margaret and this is me at the beach. No bikini's for me. I'm a grandma now and kind of like food a little to much to ever sport a bikini again. I just wanted to show you that I am a real person.

But seriously, There are lots of reasons why I say "Don't buy a timeshare" and here are just a few.

1) A timeshare has huge up front costs

2) A timeshare obligates you to just one location (boring) for life or to pay exchange fees

3) A timeshare has maintenance costs and annual dues

4) A timeshare does not include guest weeks.

I really got tired of those annual maintenance costs rising at very rapid rates each year. The properties I stayed at were great. . . I have no complaints about that, but the cost was getting out of hand. Every time there was a storm, I would shudder. I knew that that meant. Besides, I get bored easily and I like to try different places. My timeshare only allowed me to go to the same place year after year unless I exchanged it with RCI. That was ok too, but I oftentimes didn't get the same quality that I had with my original timeshare because to get a 5 star one you had to book up to 2 years in advance (unless there was a cancellation). In all fairness, with RCI, I did get excellent customer service.

With all of the above factors in mind, I set off to sell my timeshare or trade it for another that didn't require maintenance fees. I also took a look on google for alternatives to timeshares. I still wanted to stay at a timeshare property but I didn't want to own the same one year after year. That's when I found Global Resorts Network and I'm glad I did. I did compare their membership to others out there, but I found that even some of the Disney properties, the Shell properties and RCI properties and others were all part of this membership. The others were exclusive to their own memberships, and once again, the choices were limited.

I watched the movie first: and visited the site where I could sign up for the live demo and then I joined. I have never looked back since.

Once again, here are the reasons I say "Don't buy a timeshare".

1) A timeshare has huge up front costs GRN Membership $1,495 or $2,995 depending on whether you choose a lifetime membership or a 3 year membership.

2) A timeshare obligates you to just one location for life or has you pay exchange fees our membership allows total freedom and flexibility to travel anytime, anywhere worldwide. There are over 5,000 resorts listed presently.

3) A timeshare has maintenance costs and annual dues GRN Membership is $1,495 or $2,995 to join, with no ongoing costs or annual fees. You only pay when you want to travel and they have plenty of inexpensive "hot weeks" for $295 and $395 for a week, per week, not per person. That's a great advantage as some of the places sleep even up to 6 people at a time!

4) A timeshare does not include guest weeks. GRN does.

What are Guest Weeks?

Platinum members have access to unlimited guest weeks per year. The guest weeks are available from $399 to $799/week. Members can purchase a guest week and give it away to a family member or friend. They can pay you for the week or you can give it away as a gift. A Guest week makes an awesome wedding gift for a family member. Guest weeks can be found at any of the 5,000 + resorts worldwide.

Do yourself a favor and completely check this out. Do the free demo. There is NO obligation. If you are going to make some type of decision to go on vacation, then at least make an intelligent one.

You can call me. My phone answers Dunn Associates. If I am not in, please leave a message and I will return your call within 24 hours. Yes, that really is a picture of me, no makeup and all. . . a bit discheveled looking because the wind was blowing at the beach, but nevertheless, I am real and I am a real member and I am very happy that I can tell you "Don't buy a timeshare" speaking from experience!


When you are considering the cost, several things to keep in mind are:

1. When you take $2998 and spread it out over 100 years which is how long the platinum membership is for (obviously you will need to pass this membership on to someone in your family to use all 100 years), the cost is $29.98 per year (if I did my math correctly).

2. You can check with your tax accountant, but if you are using the weeks to travel for business, they should be a write off.

3. When you take 3 vacations that should have cost you $1700 for the week times 3 = $5100 and you get the same week for example for $599 instead, $599 x 3 = $1797 total cost for three vacations. $5100 minus $1797 = $3303. You have just paid for your membership in savings alone. You will be traveling for a deep discount for the next 100 years for nothing but the cost of the week, not per person, but per family member.

4. So, even if you can't get a last minute property through the standard timeshare list of resorts available (next day), and you travel frequently, then you will most likely be taking three vacations that would normally cost you $1600 - $1700 for the week over the next 100 years. You know that you can travel for as little as $298 up to $799 per week for the next 100 years, what will you be losing by becoming a member?

You will be losing by not becoming a member.

Remember too that you have access to discount hotel reservations, airline reservations and cruises, on the site as well where you can reserve shorter stays and last minute stays as well.

That was the rationale that I used to join and it makes perfect sense to me.


Here is an example of one hot week that is perfect for a family of 4. Click Here.