Thursday, July 10, 2008

A True Story From a Global Resorts Network Member Who Will Never Buy a Timeshare Again

This is my true, personal story, about why I know, first hand, that owning a Global Resorts Network Membership is Better than Owning a Timeshare. The bottom line is SAVINGS of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your family and friend's vacations.

Listen to my story before you decide to purchase a timeshare or even if you already own a timeshare. With a Global Resorts Network Membership you will never have to purchase a timeshare and if you already own one and are tired of being stifled because you have limited choices of vacation spots and you don't like paying the high maintenance fees, you will still want to read on. I am a member now and I only wish that someone had told me about this before I spent over $70,000 on timeshare purchases.

Here is where my story begins. I have personally owned two timeshares. I purchased a Global Resorts Network Membership three years after buying my last timeshare.

My first timeshare was with Fairfield and was a points timeshare which allowed me to travel pretty much anywhere I wanted to one time a year during the best weeks. RCI was my timeshare exchange company. After using RCI to go to the Beach Palace Resort
in Cancun Mexico, I was hit hard by the timeshare sales people. I gave in to the high pressured sales tactics literally after 4 hours of bantering back and forth in front of the salesperson.

They talked me into trading my first timeshare with Fairfield for my newest timeshare with the Palace Resorts in Cancun, Mexico. The value they put on my Fairfield timeshare was apx. $18,000. However, I paid about $11,000 for the Fairfield timeshare initially and paid maintenance fees of about $500 for many years. I did go on vacation every year and did use my week, but I never made back my initial investment. $18,000 seemed like a fair trade in price.

My second timeshare with Palace Resorts cost me, with my trade in allowance of the $18,000, over $58,000 for 280 vacation weeks. I did receive about $35,000 in free incentive weeks, however, even with that, I think I was swept away by the beauty of Cancun because my business mind completely left me. I was thinking that I would be able to easily sell this magnificent timeshare I had purchased and that I could rent the weeks that I wasn't able to use or pass the membership along to my family. I was able to rent some of my weeks through Ebay, but have not been able to sell my timeshare
which has been on the market for three years through a variety of companies at 50% of it's original price.

You may ask why I just don't continue to vacation with my timeshare. It's pretty simple. Every time I have to travel to Cancun
Mexico or any of the Palace Resort properties I still have to pay the mandatory all-inclusive fee. Those fees range from a low of $1500 for two for the week to a high of almost $7000 for a presidential suite. So, on top of the $58,000 I paid (plus my $18,000 trade in), I still have to pay every time I travel. Even with my exchange company, RCI, my exchange fee to travel anywhere outside of my home resort, is almost $700 for a week.

So why in the world would I ever join a discount travel club
membership like Global Resorts Network when I already own a timeshare? I have my timeshare up for sale (you can see the details by clicking here) I want to travel at huge discounts for the rest of my life. I want my children to be able to travel at huge discounts for the rest of their lives too.

A Global Resorts Network membership allows me the freedom to travel when and where I want, as many times as I want, per year at great discounts to timeshare properties WITHOUT having to own a timeshare. There are NO maintenance fees. You pay a one time membership fee to join for a lifetime of 100 years (which is transferrable and willable) and then you only pay as you go. The most you will pay is $799 for a week and that could be for two people and even up to 8 people depending on the accomodations you choose. You will even be offered what are called HOT WEEKS where you and your family can travel for as low as $298 for a week.

There is never a need ever again to buy a timeshare. You will need the facts and if you want to see them laid out in black and white,
click here. Don't waste your money on buying a timeshare ever again. With a Global Resorts Network Membership, there is no need to. You and your family and friends can enjoy a lifetime of travel, worry free. By the way, there are discounts on cruises, airfare, hotel stays, car rentals - all as part of the membership.

Visit the website and you will be pleasantly surprised at what a Global Resorts Network Membership can do for you. You can watch the movie too by
clicking here.