Saturday, May 17, 2008

No More Timeshares - Why You Will Never Need Another Timeshare

When it comes to spending money on timeshares, I am, sad to say, an easy sell. I love to travel. Give me a beautiful white powder sand beach at a five star resort in Cancun and I think I have to support all of Mexico by buying the most expensive timeshare around.

Since that time, I have learned my lesson. I have found out so many things about timeshares that it has made my head spin. Now I know that I will never have to buy another timeshare for the rest of my life and my children's lives. NO MORE TIMESHARES for me ever again.

I am now a proud member of a private travel club to which you also can belong. I get to travel to four and five star timeshare properties without having to spend huge amounts of money up front and then maintenance fees for the rest of my timeshare life. I only pay a one time membership fee and then I only pay when I want to travel. If I want to travel one time per year, I can. If I want to travel 365 days a year, I can do that too. There is no limit and get this, my most expensive timeshare cost me . . . I can't even say how much up front because I am too embarrassed. I will tell you that the total cost of my timeshare was just under $60,000 but, I also have to pay $1500 to $7,000 per week for two adults each time I want to travel to Cancun.

Don't get me wrong. These are fantastic five star resorts, but I could have saved so so much money had I known about this travel club membership. Yes, you do have to pay a one time fee up front, but you can choose your level. After that, you only pay when you travel and, your week can cost as low as $298 to a high of $799 PER FAMILY (you choose the size of the timeshare resort you want to stay in).

CLICK HERE NOW to find out more. You won't want to pass up this membership if you like to travel and for your own sake, please don't buy a timeshare until you at least take a look at this. Even Disney and Shell are part of this membership. Why pay for those memberships extra when you can access some of their best properties through this one?