Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Into Savings With a Global Resorts Network Membership

It's almost spring time here in the USA (almost). Many people's thoughts are on the bad economy and what to do about it. People still want and need vacations and they want and need to save money. With a Global Resorts Network travel club membership (GRN), you and your family can take advantage of what are called "hot weeks" and travel for as little as $298 for the week! It's true. Yes, you do have to pay a membership fee to join, but unlike a timeshare, it's a one time membership fee that lasts 100 years. Most of us won't live 100 years, but we can pass this on to our children, another family member, or we can sell it.

Savings with a Global Resorts Network membership (GRN) can happen by taking 3 vacations at one of the 5,000 four and five star resorts, worldwide. You will earn your membership money back so quickly with the money you are going to save. This really isn't a joke and it isn't a scam. I love to look through the listings weekly to see what great bargains are coming up. I always head toward an ocean.

If you plan on taking a few vacations over your lifetime and don't have the money to buy a timeshare, or don't want a timeshare, then take a look at what a Global Resorts Network Membership can do for you. Please call me after visiting: http://www.grntimesharediscounts.com