Thursday, June 5, 2008

If You Love to Travel, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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Yes, this is my picture. It's the formal business one and although I am formal when needed, believe me, when I am beelining it for the beach, I am as laid back as can be.

I am for real and this blog will briefly talk about the two travel club businesses I am associated with and promote both on a retail level and on a business to business level. I am also providing links to both of my websites so you can compare what each has to offer. The websites you will see are websites that you also will have access to as members. Even if you just decide to join to get the travel discounts, you will want to at least sign up as an affiliate on GRN (it only costs $100 a year to keep the website going) just in case you decide to tell someone else about the business. When you do tell someone else, you can earn a quick $1000. Not a bad commission check for giving someone the gift of discount travel to four and five star resorts!

As a travel lover, I like to seek out the best discount travel bargains for me and my family. As a business person, I also look for opportunities that meet stringent criteria and for a product of value that I can market that involves travel.

I have found two travel club memberships, both great for consumers because of the products they offer and both excellent money earners for those who are business minded, who want to earn an excellent commission on sales, and who would like to combine travel with business and use it as a write off (make sure you double check with your accountant but I am writing both of my businesses off).

Why would I tell you about two businesses instead of one? Both businesses truly are excellent. I personally can't decide which one I enjoy marketing more. There are differences between the two, but both offer dramatic discounts to excellent resorts, worldwide and both are worth of consideration. Combined, their travel discounts are unbeatable.

Both allow for retail consumer sales and business to business sales. The consumer will be happy with the savings they experience time after time, and the business person will be happy with the commissions s/he can earn over and over again, levels deep while sitting on the beach, marketing their product.

I have made sales quickly with these travel club memberships, but even with that, I realized that I have a lifetime to make these sales. If I don't want to be pressured, I don't have to, or, if I want to build a full time business from these travel products, I can do that to and fairly quickly. Set your goals to make one or two sales per month and when you start to exceed those goals, you will quickly realize what the potential is for each of these businesses.

So check them out: the first is and the second is:

The most important thing you can do is look at both websites carefully and then sign up for the free tours that are offered. Both offer a look at the back office BEFORE you purchase the memberships. The first offers a lower price point to start, but there is a small monthly fee. This is a good consumer product, but an excellent product for anyone interested in the travel business. The second is both an excellent consumer product and an excellent business product. There is a one time, lifetime, membership fee you can choose and then only a $100 fee per year if you decide to market the opportunity and get a beautiful website you can promote. Here is that website:

No one can guarantee your success in any venture, but when you have two businesses with excellent products you can be proud to market, you have nothing to be concerned about. Besides, even if you never join these memberships to be in business, you will save so much on your vacations, you won't really care about the initial cost. You will be too busy saving money and going on vacations, that after one or two trips with your family, your initial cost will be paid back with the savings you will get on your vacations.

Please contact me through my websites if you have any questions. I can teach you how you can be self confident and how that self-confidence can win over partners for your business. I will be more than happy to speak with you or have others in my groups speak with you as well to reassure you that these are two of the most excellent travel businesses you could ever use personally or consider for business. We won't need to sell you on anything. You can see for yourself what value is in both of these great travel club products.

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